Overseas exchange association was founded in 1991 in jiangxi province, in order to “enhance friendship, promote exchanges and strengthen cooperation” for the purpose, committed to the overseas Chinese for communication bridge in jiangxi province and the overseas economic and trade, science and technology, culture, education, tourism, sports, health, social welfare, and other fields of cooperation and exchange, promote friendly exchanges, cooperation and win-win. MAO weiming, a member of the standing committee of jiangxi provincial committee and executive vice governor of jiangxi province attended the meeting, fully affirmed the work of the 4th council of jiangxi provincial sea association and its important contribution to
jiangxi’s economic and social development.

Zhu yuhua, founder of the Italian jiangxi general chamber of commerce, was elected vice President of jiangxi overseas exchange association. Zhu said that the general chamber of commerce in jiangxi province of Italy will continue to put people first, serve overseas Chinese and guide them through friendship, and continuously enhance the pride and cohesion of overseas Chinese. With practical actions, we have devoted ourselves to the construction of rich, beautiful and happy jiangxi, and made new contributions to maintaining and promoting the exchanges and cooperation between Italy and jiangxi in various fields.

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