The first world jiangxi business congress and the third China jiangxi business congress were held in jiangxi province on November 27. LuXinShe jiangxi provincial party committee secretary, governor liu qi met with a delegation to attend the activities of the Italian chamber of commerce in jiangxi Zhu Yuhua President, standing vice President of FeiHaoPing and the sponsor, and work to the chamber of commerce said sure, embodies the leadership of brigade in jiangxi province meaning in jiangxi province, the concern and support from the overseas Chinese. LuXinShe secretary said during the meeting, the jiangxi in to the open field of vision, tenacious perseverance, the spirit of striving, created one after another business legend, jiangxi commodity brand more brush more bright, jiangxi power is more and more strong. Today’s jiangxi province is carrying out the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress and accelerating the construction of a prosperous, beautiful and happy jiangxi province in accordance with the deployment of the 14th party congress of the province. Hope you seize the opportunity to intensify investment in jiangxi, more involved in the construction, active promotion of jiangxi, invest more “please come in”, help more enterprise “going out” of jiangxi province, the share reform of jiangxi development dividend, put together a better construction of jiangxi province.
Governor liu qi hopes that everyone will continue to focus on the development of jiangxi and the construction of jiangxi, make Suggestions and Suggestions for the development of jiangxi, help to promote jiangxi and bring more production factors to jiangxi. Jiangxi, he said, will further implement the party’s 19 big spirit, strictly implement the central all policy decisions and implementation of new development concept, strive to build first-class government affairs environment, market environment, for merchants to invest in jiangxi “nanny” quality service, “the bartender” type to promote jiangxi to speed up the development, transformation and upgrading. Welcome the guests from all walks of life to participate in the jiangxi provincial government arrange the welcome dinner table Italy chamber of commerce in jiangxi Zhu Yuhua Dr To governor liu qi report the working status of the Italian chamber of commerce in jiangxi, governor liu gave the affirmation and encouragement and hope in the next China Italy chamber of commerce in jiangxi jiangxi meeting for more resources of jiangxi business with Italian quality. Zhu said that the Italian general chamber of commerce in jiangxi province will make further efforts and make more contributions to the reform and opening up of jiangxi province.

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